Smoke, fire in engine of Air India Express plane at Muscat airport

New Delhi, Sep 14 (IANS) An Air India Express flight B737 IX-442 MCT-COK (Muscat-Cochin) VT-AXZ witnessed smoke and fire in its engine number two at Muscat airport on Wednesday.

The plane was carrying 145 passengers, including four infants, the officials said, adding that all of them were safe and no injuries have been reported.

“A DGCA official said that during taxiing for takeoff, the engine number two experienced smoke and fire. Appropriate Checklist was completed after the incident. Slides were deployed and all passengers and Crew were evacuated on taxiway and all of them were safe and no injuries reported,” said the official, adding that passengers have been transported to the terminal building.

As per local reports, there was scare among the passengers after the smoke was detected in the engine of the plane.

The official said that another relief flight will be organised for the passengers. The aircraft was currently parked on the taxiway and further probe was on.



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