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About Free PBX


Free PBX is an initiative by Aavaz to help SME’s scale their business to the heights they dream of. The objective behind free PBX is to make every single business out there technology friendly.


General features are something people don’t take seriously but with Aavaz you don’t have to worry about such things as Aavaz is always concerned about even the tiniest of factors that can help our customers grow.

Dial by directory

Music on Hold

Standard SIP support. No proprietary lock in!

Support Multiple Language

Ease of Use

Customer comfort is what Aavaz thrive for. Our tools and softwares are easy to use and install. You can easily configure and set up everything from the place of your comfort in just a few clicks.

Web based administration

Simple configuration

Super intuitive to accomplish most tasks

User can manage their own extensions and voicemail

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