How to Edit a Video With Text?


Video editing is a creative and essential aspect of producing captivating video content. One of the techniques that can enhance the impact of your videos is adding text. Text overlays in videos can convey information, create context, and engage your audience in a unique way. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art of editing a video with text. You will learn the tools, techniques, and best practices for adding and customizing text in your videos to make them more informative and engaging.

The Power of Text in Videos

1. Conveying Information

Text in videos is a powerful tool for conveying information. Whether it’s captions, subtitles, or informative titles, text can make your content more accessible and understandable.

2. Storytelling

Text can be an integral part of your storytelling. It can set the scene, provide context, and guide the viewer through the narrative of your video.

3. Engagement

Engaging visuals can capture your audience’s attention, and text adds another layer of visual interest. It can make your videos more dynamic and compelling.

4. Branding and Recognition

Consistent use of text styles and fonts in your videos can help establish your brand identity and make your content more recognizable to your audience.

Types of Text in Videos

There are various types of text that you can incorporate into your videos:

1. Titles and Introductions

Titles introduce your video’s content, often with a captivating design and animation.

2. Lower Thirds

Lower thirds provide contextual information about the subject or speaker, typically displayed in the lower portion of the screen.

3. Captions and Subtitles

Captions and subtitles are vital for making your videos accessible to a broader audience, including those who are hearing-impaired or non-native speakers.

4. Text Overlays

Text overlays can include additional information, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, or visual enhancements to the video.

Tools for Video Text Editing

To edit a video with text, you need the right tools. Here are some popular software options for video text editing:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

A professional video editing software that offers extensive text editing capabilities, including text animation and layering.

2. Final Cut Pro X

A video editing software for Mac users that allows for advanced text customization and animation.

3. DaVinci Resolve

A powerful video editing software with text editing features, ideal for adding text to videos and enhancing them.

4. iMovie

A user-friendly video editing software for Mac users, offering basic text editing capabilities.

5. Filmora

A beginner-friendly video editing software that provides text customization and animation options.

Steps to Edit a Video with Text

Let’s walk through the steps to edit a video with text:

1. Import Your Video

Open your chosen video editing software and import the video you want to edit. Create a new project or open an existing one if applicable.

2. Add Text Element

Locate the option to add text or titles to your video. In most video editing software, this is found in the text or titles panel.

3. Customize Text

Enter your desired text and customize it. You can choose the font, size, color, alignment, and other text properties.

4. Position the Text

Drag and position the text element to where you want it to appear in the video. Most software allows you to move, resize, and rotate text.

5. Add Animation

You can make the text appear and disappear using animations. Add fade-ins, fade-outs, or other animation effects to make it visually engaging.

6. Set Duration

Determine how long the text will appear in the video by adjusting its duration. You can set it to display for a specific number of seconds or throughout a particular portion of the video.

7. Preview and Adjust

Preview the video with the added text to ensure it looks and functions as intended. Make any necessary adjustments to the text’s appearance or timing.

8. Export the Video

Once you’re satisfied with the edited video, export it in your desired format and quality settings.

Tips for Effective Video Text Editing

To make your video text editing more effective, consider these tips:

1. Keep it Concise

Text in videos should be concise and to the point. Avoid long paragraphs or sentences that may overwhelm the viewer.

2. Use High-Contrast Fonts

Choose fonts and text colors that have high contrast with the background to ensure readability.

3. Match Branding

If you have a brand or style guide, ensure that the text in your videos aligns with your branding.

4. Be Mindful of Placement

Consider the best placement for your text to ensure it doesn’t cover critical visual elements or distract from the content.

5. Test on Different Screens

View your edited video on various screens to ensure that the text remains readable and visually appealing.

Text in Videos for Social Media

When editing videos for social media, there are additional considerations to keep in mind:

1. Mobile Optimization

Many social media users view videos on mobile devices. Ensure that your text is legible on smaller screens.

2. Square or Vertical Videos

Square or vertical video formats are becoming more popular on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Adjust your text placement and sizing accordingly.

3. Platform-Specific Requirements

Each social media platform has specific requirements for video dimensions and text placement. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to optimize your videos.

4. Use Hashtags and CTAs

Incorporate relevant hashtags and calls to action (CTAs) in your text to encourage engagement and discoverability.

Measuring the Impact of Text in Videos

To understand the impact of text in your videos, consider the following metrics:

1. Engagement

Monitor how viewers engage with your video content, including likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates (CTRs) on text-based CTAs.

2. Accessibility

Evaluate the impact of captions and subtitles on your video’s accessibility, ensuring that more viewers can engage with your content.

3. Completion Rates

Analyze the percentage of viewers who watch your video to completion, as this can indicate the effectiveness of your text in retaining audience interest.

4. Conversion Rates

Measure how well text-based CTAs drive conversions, such as website visits, sign-ups, or product purchases.


Adding text to your videos is a creative way to convey information, engage your audience, and enhance the impact of your content. Whether it’s titles, lower thirds, captions, or text overlays, effective video text editing requires the right tools, techniques, and best practices. By following the steps outlined in this guide, customizing text to match your branding, and optimizing for various platforms, you can create videos that are informative, visually engaging, and captivating to your audience. Keep experimenting with different text styles, animations, and placement to continually enhance your video content and achieve your desired results.

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